Our Vision


To reconnect and reconcile the believer to a relationship with God, spurring growth, strength and unity in the Body of Christ.


Partner with Us

Bringing families together is the purpose for our ministry, no matter the situation we truly believe that if the Jesus is the Goal, restoraton is at hand.

Be a part of our ministry,with your help we can go to the ememies camp and take back what he stoled from our familes

When you sow
We Grow

If we allow our thoughts to regulate our walk this is a disconnect from God, if we come to repentance in a manner that is seen in our everyday lives (Matt. 3:8) we allow the Holy Spirit to connect us to the Father and our purpose.

Allowing the Holy Spirit to do a work in you and walking in obedience to allows you to truly receive the power of what was done on Calvary.  

It is our job as a body of believers to be there for one another and keep accountability to a point that Spurs Growth (Hebrews 10:20)

Service Times

Sunday -10:0​0 AM         
Wednesday -6:00 pm 

600 Division St. Defiance Oh. 43512

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